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"I've had the pleasure to hear John speak about leadership in sports. He masterfully articulates complex topics in leadership while fostering meaningful connections with anyone he is helping. What separates John is his ability to connect and to provide practical wisdom that is personalized. Utilizing the principles, he has developed and practiced over 30 years in athletics and the Army, John truly inspires teams. John has challenged me to reexamine team culture and leadership. He is constantly striving to learn more and is an exemplar for a growth mindset. John has a wealth of knowledge in topics such as coaching philosophy, ethics in coaching, team culture, goal setting, and leadership development for captains."

Andrew McIntosh, Head Coach, Tappan Zee High School, Enrichment and Technology Teacher


"John O'Grady worked with our Captains and team this past spring at Georgetown Prep (MD) and the results were fantastic.  He helped our captains to define their roles within the team and cultivated their leadership qualities.  I have no doubt that the impact on our program was immediate and I look forward to continuing to work with John to help develop the young leaders in our program."

Scott Urick, Assistant Athletic Director and Head Lacrosse Coach, Georgetown Prep (MD) High School,  2x NCAA, All-American, former National Team and Professional Lacrosse player


I would recommend John to any team, coach, or executive wishing to unlock their full potential. John is a proven leader, advisor, and coach. His ability to listen and provide advice and training are invaluable -- all of which revolve around building exceptional cultures and teams as well as developing the full leadership potential of people. Well worth the investment.

Ricky Fried, Head Coach, Georgetown University Women’s Lacrosse

Former Head Coach, US National Team, 2 x Gold Medal’s


John’s message of what it takes to be a leader and winner, not only on the field, but for life is inspirational. His ability to share life experiences as a decorated combat veteran in a manner applicable to sports, high performing people, teams, and businesses is impressive and can make a difference providing an edge over your competitors. His message continues to resonate with our players and staff as we approach the playoffs for the Major League Lacrosse Championship.

Dave Cottle, Head Coach and General Manager, Chesapeake Bayhawks Professional Lacrosse Team

John’s ability to translate his incredible leadership experience as a decorated combat veteran in an easily translatable and understandable manner made a positive impact on our players and staff. He provided practical, confidential advice and tools that positively impacted our leadership and culture. He is now part of our Wagner Football Family.

Jason Houghtaling, Division I, Head Coach Wagner College Football


I would recommend John and his services to any team, coach, or individual looking to unlock their full potential. John is a leader who has worn many different hats- all of which with the focus around building exceptional cultures and teams.

Matt Mezer, Johnson and Johnson


"John's experience as a leader and combat veteran, high-human skills, trusted advisor to C-Suite Executives and Executive teams uniquely positions him to provide valuable, pragmatic advice. He is a leadership and culture subject matter expert. I found his insights thought provoking and he opened my mind to possibilities I had not previously considered.

William Laitinen, CEO Exige, Executive Search Agency


John O’Grady is an extraordinary professional- passionate, driven, empathetic and incredibly hard working...I drew inspiration and energy from John’s perfect example. Whenever I had questions or concerns, he was there with an earnest interest. Above all John is just a great, genuine person who just happens to possess transcendent leadership gifts — with an EQ that is higher than anyone I have yet encountered.

Michael Fenzel, Vice Director of Strategy, Plans and Policy (J5), The Pentagon


John shares his experience and subject matter expertise, grounded in his distinguished military career, including leading in combat, and his time as a Division I, NCAA athlete. His insights will elevate any individual or team, allowing them to accelerate their journey toward excellence.John has been a trusted advisor and personal sounding board and confidant of mine, helping me navigate some very challenging situations - he has always shown tremendous empathy and humility while delivering sound and honest advice. Quite simply, John is a values-based, class act and I am fortunate to call him a friend.

Brian LaFemina, Chief Business Officer at LA 2028

Courage, conviction, and communication is how I would describe John O'Grady and his leadership style. I have worked with John for over three years on the Army staff where I was able to observe how he was able to lead change and advise the most senior leaders in the Army and the Department of Defense. His communication skills are superb in delivering a message with conviction to a wide range of audiences from the most junior to the most senior leaders. It takes courage to advise executives with the truth, vice what they may want to hear. Because of these qualities John is the type of individual people naturally want to follow. His 30 years leading multi-generational teams, to include in combat, provides unique insight he can share with any team or organization with instant positive impact.

Dave Hudak, Manager at Guidehouse, Army Sector

John and I "served together" at the Tuck Next Step MBA certification program at Dartmouth. He is highly professional, inquisitive, and a thought-leader who evaluates each situation and how it relates to real-world strategy and applications. Not only would I want John to be my consultant on a high-level project, John demonstrates humility and humanity through each engagement and is the active listener to situations, you would want in a crisis.

Diane Simpson OLY, MBA, Do-it-all Client Relationships Writer & Operations Logistics Liaison | Media Marketing Comms Dir. Event Project Manager


I have known John for the last 10 years and have had the privilege of being in his command while in the military. John has always led from the front and has always focused on mentoring others to ensure they succeed. His leadership skills and ability to form successful teams has always been an “art of people” for he seamlessly knows how to maneuver hundreds of people at the right place and at the right time. He understands that for leadership to be effective, it must be built on a solid foundation consisting of a clear mission, a vision for the future, a specific strategy, and a culture conducive to success. In every aspect of his career, he has always proven that he is eager to exceed expectations while holding himself to the highest moral standards. He is fiercely loyal and will always give 100% to any task he is assigned. John is a tremendous man of character that truly inspires everyone around him to perform to the highest of standards to ensure the team achieves success.

Gregory Estevez MBA, MPA, Program Manager at MIT Lincoln Laboratory


Words can't describe the positive influence John has had in my life, both personally and professionally. He builds and maintains trust better than any other leader I have served with in my nearly 22 years of active duty service. John is a man of integrity, an active listener, and a dynamic relationship builder. As an authentic values-based leader of individuals and teams, I have asked him on numerous occasions to talk "trust" during various leader development sessions. Feedback from those sessions were always exceptionally positive. John knows how to capture the imagination of everyone in the room and leaves them wanting more. I routinely seek his counsel and he never fails to listen, ask the right questions, and then provide exceptional advice--advice that usually leads to self-discovery, self-improvement and self-realization. See less.

Jeff Ivey, Consultant at Deloitte



I had the privilege to serve as COL O’Grady’s direct subordinate in the Army and I have proudly called John my mentor for almost a decade. John was an instrumental leader in my Army career development, and he continues to provide guidance while I currently work in the private sector. His transformative leadership style allows him to effectively communicate and connect with individuals at any level of an organization. John’s ability to listen and analyze complex situations yet offer simplified and effective solutions has helped me navigate some of life’s more difficult problems. I believe John’s leadership coaching will elevate any individual or team to the next level. I confidently endorse John and O'Grady Leadership and Consulting Services.

Michael Enright, Banking and Capital Markets Consultant


It is my absolute privilege to call John O’Grady a colleague, mentor, and friend. John’s authenticity, natural leadership, interpersonal skills, and passion for helping individuals and teams achieve their full potential are immediately apparent for anyone fortunate enough to be in his orbit. John is larger than life, imbued with a contagious positivity that is impossible not to covet and emulate. John’s generosity with the lessons he learned from thirty years of military service and leadership is inspiring. He enthusiastically shares his experiences, to include combat, with teams, organizations, and individuals in an easily understood and pragmatic way, enabling them to effortlessly embrace and internalize these same lessons and principles. Contact John and become your best!

Paul Toolan, The Green Marine USA ✬ Creative Problem Solver ✬ Negotiator ✬ Veteran Advocate ✬ CPD


I recommend John O'Grady to provide superior consultation in leadership, culture refinement, and organization for any size company or sports program. John has a unique ability to help you derive your own solutions for complex problems, usually which involve people. Business and sports are driven by people, and John helps people actualize your organization's potential.

Harrison Bernstein, Founder and Executive Director, Soldiers to Sidelines


I would recommend John and his services to any team, coach, or individual looking to unlock their full potential. John is a leader who has worn many different hats- all of which with the focus around building exceptional cultures and teams.

Mett Mezer, Janssen Oncology, Johnson & Johnson


John O’Grady spoke to our NYJets Defense Friday & was outstanding. His message & ability to communicate with our guys was special. His ability to speak to the entire audience but make each person feel as if he was talking to only him was great. He was able to keep everyone in the meeting room focused on the message & alert for more. John has a great understanding of how to get his audience to not only listen, but also “feel” his message. Our players are still talking about the message & repeating the objectives learned. I would strongly recommend giving your group, team, department, or company the opportunity to listen & feel the messages John O’Grady can communicate to improve performance & production."

Gregg Williams, Defensive Coordinator, NY Jets



John’s straight forward, experience-informed, and empathetic approach at delivering leadership expertise and training is refreshing and critical during this time of uncertainty.  He’s been a great asset and resources for me and my extended team during this inflection point in our growth and related turbulence and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for some leadership and management support right now!

Tim Newberry, BlackHorse Solutions

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